ATN Services now offers Mold Testing!

For the past several years I have taken a number of courses in Thermal Imaging, Moisture Intrusion and Microbial issues. I progressed to the point that I felt that I had enough experience to begin taking on mold sampling. In 2015 I began working with Mold Test USA & Newton Microbial Laboratory to offer mold sampling throughout my service area. Mold Test USA offers both sampling and remediation in many areas of the US. I now offer mold sampling in conjunction with Mold Test USA and to my own clients. For my own clients, samples are sent overnight to Newton Microbial, who can normally provide lab results within 24 hours of receipt of any samples. 

A site inspection will be conducted to determine the presence of any conditions that may be conducive to the microbial growth. The site inspection will include roof condition and water intrusion, attic areas, crawlspace areas, the homes exterior, and the interior of the home. Any conditions conducive to mold growth will be noted in the report, along with repair suggestions. Tape lift samples and bulk collection samples will be taken at any locations where there is visible microbial growth, and air samples taken at the exterior of the home (to establish baseline levels) and in areas throughout the home. Samples will be sent to Newton Microbial that day and lab results sent to ATN Inspections. At that time we will contact Newton Microbial to go over results with a biologist or microbiologist on staff. We will then contact you to discuss the results with you.

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